'new work, april greiman'​

subvecta motus gallery
glendale, california
curator: stacie b. london

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Seeing is a way of thinking, Thinking is a way of seeing. What are we aware of during most of our waking hours? Can more consciousness be brought to bear of our surrounding environment and the objects and light in it? Can we learn to observe, see, and assimilate more information that is relevant, as well as influential to our being-ness?

In all of my images the presence and probing of light qualities and scale change is a major field of study, revealing transformations of form, color and light, ideally, illuminating the perceptual understanding and awareness of what one actually ‘sees.’

Changing scale ‘pushes’ color, often uncovering the movement of the light and saturation of the moving wave-fields of information present at the time of their ‘capture.’

Revealing, the often invisible, ‘energetic’ of the image is something I explore, both in shooting, but as well in the computer-aided design process following. I push the image to reveal the most amount of light and color information present, ideally to increase awareness of that which is right in front, yet not made conscious at the time of the experience of the capture.

Accentuating light and color qualities by enlarging the image also articulates the ‘spatiality’ of the layers of information.

As a naturalist, and having a strong affinity for new technologies, I try to diffuse the debate of tools and technology being ‘cold, hard,’ vs. the ‘soft, sensual’ of the natural world.