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career highlights

acquisition, museum of modern art (MoMA)

'does it make sense?' design quarterly #133

new york city, new york
'it's about time' group show, brand library + art center

april greiman photography: 'avatar in flight'; 'end of time'; 'shapely avatar'; 'burning bush'; 'screen door'; 'airglow'; 'atomic wave'; 'airglow with code'; 'body part'; 'pixelava'

glendale, california
acquisition, letterform archive

april greiman / made in space poster collection

san francisco, california
acquisition, los angeles county museum (LACMA)

april greiman photography: 'sceen door'; 'burning bush'; 'pereira'; 'avatar with schmear'; 'sky and snake'

los angeles, california
acquisition, j. paul getty museum

'pacific wave, fortuny museum' poster

los angeles, california
tenured professor, usc roski school of art and design
los angeles, california
'whitespace, april greiman photography'

collection of 33 digital photographs and written contributions of 25 women in the arts

los angeles, california
india institute of technology (IIT) lecture

experimental typography, keynote lecture

mumbai, india
lifetime achievement award, society of typographic arts (STA)
chicago, illinois

honorary doctorate,

artcenter college of design
pasadena, california
india institute of technology (IIT) lecture + workshop

design local–stops at all stations

mumbai, india

honorary doctorate,

academy of art university
san francisco, california

honorary doctorate,

lesley university, boston college of art
boston, massachusetts

honorary doctorate,

kansas city art institute
kansas city, missouri
chrysler award for design innovation
new york city, new york
“19th amendment to the u.s. constitution” u.s. postal commission commemorative stamp

washington, district of columbia (dc)
executive board member, alliance graphique internationale (AGI)

1991-1993 executive committee member

"graphic design in america: a visual language history"

featured designer in the exhibition, poster and billboard

walker art center
past president and vice-president of los angeles chapter
former AIGA national board member
national endowment for the arts (NEA),
computer graphic studies grant
washington, district of columbia (dc)
invited member, alliance graphique internationale (AGI)
walker art center and MIT press, publication design

design quarterly #133: 'does it make sense?'

olympic organizing committee,
official poster, 1984 olympic games

collaboration with jayme odgers

los angeles, california
museum of modern art (MoMA), "the taxi project"

exhibition and catalogue design with Emilio ambasz, curator

new york city, new york


april greiman

is a ​thinker, transmedia artist-designer whose projects, which address all areas and scale from communications to textiles, from architecture to new media, together with the use of advanced digital technology, have made her studio unique contributors to the art and design world.

made in space,

her design studio, is a unique contributor to the design world, that challenges interdisciplinary boundaries, and investigates the parallels and intersections between art and design in all aspects of projects and practice.