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'hand holding a bowl of rice'

koreatown, los angeles, california

art consultant: 

merry norris

8200 square foot public art commission on two walls of a mixed-use building and metro station located in Koreatown. Video still captured from footage shot in the area by the artist and translated into oil paint.

The Indian Goddess, Anapurna, provides rice to Shiva, when all the food disappeared from the earth and all living creatures were in danger of perishing. Rice is well known as a symbol of abundance. Rice feeds and is the dietary staple of more than half of the world’s human population (most of Asia and Latin America), making it the most consumed cereal grain.

Rice has the most complex dna of anything on the planet, even greater than our own species. YEP, it is a fact. Draft genomes for the two most common rice cultivars, indica and japonica, were published in April 2002. Rice was chosen as a model organism for the biology of grasses because of its relatively small genome (~430 megabase pairs). As a result, rice was the first plant or animal to have its complete genome mapped. Scientists estimated rice contains 37,544 genes but said that figure will no doubt be revised with further research. Humans, by contrast, have only 20,000 to 25,000 genes.

Related Expressions, e.g. :

Throwing Rice @ Weddings = Fertility & Long Life


In Bangladesh, China and Thailand, instead of ‘How are you?,’ a common greeting is,‘Have you eaten your rice today?’

Also in China, at the beginning of the new year, people do not say, ‘Happy New Year!’ but ‘May your rice never burn!’

In Japan, people did not think in terms of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but rather morning rice (asa gohan), afternoon rice (hiru gohan), and evening rice (ban gohan.)

A Japanese proverb- Eat rice before battle and you will be victorious.

In Taiwan, China, death is symbolized by chopsticks stuck into a mound of rice.